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Employer sponsored visas can be mainly classified into Permanent and Temporary categories. SC 482, 407, and 494 and temporary visas and SC186 is Permanent visa. These visas allow an Australian employer to sponsor specific skilled labour to serve their business needs

Subclass 482 Visa applications


An application for sponsorship should be done by the employer to be licensed to sponsor overseas professional.  The sponsorship is normally valid for 5 years. In order to be eligible for sponsorship, the company must meet following criteria:

  • Lawfully and actively operating in Australia

The employee has to be nominated for a position which is in the list of occupations published by the department. They should be paid market salary and the threshold salary is $70,000+Superannuation ( 10.5%). 

Visa application

The visa application is done by the employee. The applicant should have at least three (2) years of experience in the same industry/skill level and a qualification and a positive skills assessment. The applicant should also meet English language requirement of 5 on each band of IELTS or equivalent). The applicant should also be able to meet health and character requirements.

SC 186 Visa application

Subclass 186 ( Direct Entry) visa applications

This visa allows Australian Employers to fill highly skilled positions on a permanent basis. The application has two steps:

  • Nomination by the employer
  • Visa application by the nominated individual

The employer has to nominate the applicant/employee for a position from the list of occupations published by the department. The employer has to make a contribution to the skilling fund which is $3000 for companies with less than 10 Million turnover.

Visa application

The visa applicant needs to have a relevant English score, Skills assessment and three ( 3) years of experience.

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